“I didn’t travel far for my visit with the people of Doors Galore as the company is located only a few minutes from the IDA offices. In mid-May, Jim McGrath, president of the firm, Tom Stubblefield, General Manager, and I sat down at their office and spent the morning talking about their business, the economy, the IDA, sports, and even shared a few war stories. It was an enjoyable interview, and one that I believe you’ll enjoy reading.

The company was founded 22 years ago by Jim and the firm’s Vice President, Brian Black. Jim was serving as a full-time firefighter, and Brian had just returned home from being on active duty during the Gulf War. As many firefighters do, Jim had a part time maintenance business that he operated on his days off. The two joined forces and while working maintenance jobs began to incorporate garage doors. Today, Doors Galore does about 95% in garage doors and 5% in maintenance, employs 14 people and in 2010 had an impressive sales volume of $1.4 million.”

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