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From your front door to your back door, Doors Galore can help you choose a new storm door to fit your needs.
Doors Galore offers FREE estimates and will assist you in selecting a basic door or something a little more elegant from the array of Larson doors available.
Choosing a Larson storm door offers extra security, enhanced curb appeal and increased energy efficiency.

32” wide and 36” wide
81” Tall 
Prices include all available colors and handle sets for each model.
Features legend below.

Elegant Storm Doors

Elegant 149FV
Elegant 149FV
Elegant 149PVw/ Pet Door
Elegant 149PV
Elegant XTR 159FVw/ Hidden Closers
8’×7’ polystyrene insulated to an R-6
Elegant XTR 159FV


Easy Vent® Storm Doors

Easy Vent® 146FVScreen Away Retractable Screen
Easy Vent® 146FV
Easy Vent® XTR 156FVw/ Hidden Closers and Screen Away Retractable Screen
Easy Vent® XTR 156FV
Easy Vent® 146PVw/ Pet Door and Screen Away Retractable Screen
Easy Vent® 146PV


Lifestyle Storm Doors

Lifestyle 356-52Screen Away Retractable Screen
Lifestyle 356-52
Lifestyle Mid-ViewScreen Away Retractable Screen
Lifestyle Mid-View


Classic View Storm Doors

Value Core Storm Doors

Classic View 350-17
Classic View 350-17
Value Core 288-SS
Value Core 288-SS

Features Legend

Extreme Weather Protection: Overlapping Edge

Hidden Closer

Deadbolt Lock


Retractable Screen Away®

Hold-Open Closer

Security: Secure Lock®


4-in-1 Retractable Screen Away®

Energy Efficient: Low-E

Pet Friendly: Built-In Pet Door


All prices are subject to standard application/installation. Prices may vary.
Storm Door Service Call – $59 plus labor.